Meet Sarah and Danny

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We welcome you to learn more about us. We are a very close knit family and have shared 21 years of marriage and laughter together. Our children are our greatest joy and blessing. We have three biological children and have also adopted six children. Sarah is a stay-at-home mom. Danny works from home with a very flexible schedule. Our kids enjoy home schooling and are provided a high level of education. Our entire family waits in excitement for the new life God will bring into our lives.

About Us

We met when we were 16 years old and were married two years later. We are no longer able to have biological children. We were foster parents to a sibling group of three, for six months. After the children returned home we realized we wanted to pursue adoption to add to our forever family. We have open adoptions with all our children's birth moms, and also some extended birth family. We love keeping everyone updated on how the kids are doing, and sending tons of pictures. We are so thankful for all of them, and love them dearly! We are a non-denominational Christian family. Our desire is to raise our children to have love and compassion for others. We want them to give forgiveness freely, just as Christ continues to forgive us and show us grace. Together as a family we enjoy many adventures exploring new state parks in our travel trailer, hiking , biking, tubing, and swimming. We also love to spend time at home enjoying the simple things in life, such as hanging out with friends, playing instruments, family meals, board games, movie night, and just goofing around together. Mom and Dad enjoy reading books together, going out to dinner, and making smoothies and talking at the end of the night. We have also been known to sneak a few video games after the kids are in bed.

Meet Danny

Danny is the love of my life. He worked very hard to earn his bachelor's degree in Computer Science early in our marriage. He has the most honest work ethic I have ever seen. He is a hands on dad and enjoys doing all kinds of activities with our older boys from making robots, playing laser tag, or whatever the boys are interested in at the time. He also adores his little ones and loves spending time playing with them. He changes diapers and gives baths too! I feel so loved and cherished by him everyday. He always puts mine and the kids needs first. He is an amazing example of a godly man, husband and father. Danny enjoys a variety of activities such as playing guitar, drums, Jiu-Jitsu, fishing, and flying R/C airplanes.

Meet Sarah

I was attracted by Sarah's looks, but I fell in love with here heart. It was Sarah who showed me the love of Christ and it is because of here that I now know Jesus as my Lord and Savior. She gives here heart sacrificially and has always put her own needs aside for me. This same love has cascaded over into the love for our children, and it is by this love that she has become the mother and wife that she is today. I have seen Sarah build relationships with each of our children and am excited for here to extend her love to yet another child who will benefit from her loving kindness, and compassionate heart. Sarah's passion is interior design. She loves making a house a home. Her favorite projects are decorating our children's rooms and seeing their excitement and continued enjoyment of their special places. She also enjoys bargain shopping, buying and selling on Ebay, baking and writing poetry.

Meet The Big Boys

Daniel is 19. He is a gifted computer programmer. He also enjoys 3D graphics. He is currently working on creating a video game with his brother Aaron. He enjoys writing and composing music. He is great with younger children and has a lot of patience with them.

Aaron is 17. He is a hard worker and my biggest helper. He is very compassionate towards others and has a soft heart. He enjoys reading, and is a gifted writer and teller of stories. He also enjoys 3D graphics, and writing and composing music.

Ryan is 15. He is the comedy show in our house. He loves nature, especially birds. He always knows how to make his younger siblings laugh and have a good time. He enjoys playing the guitalele.

Meet Our Girls

Madison was our first child who we adopted. We were so excited to add our first girl to our family. She is five years old. She is very independent, loving, spunky, and witty. She loves playing and helping our with her little brothers and sisters. She was a nine week old preemie, but has overcome every obstacle. She is super intelligent!

Eliana is three years old. From day one she was a pure joy. She is as girly as you get, and is very outgoing and social. Her nickname is "Tutu", because she is always in a tutu or dress up clothes. She is a huge light in our lives!

Charlotte is two years old. She is always making us laugh. She was an early talker, and has a great sense of humor. She is full of energy, and loves playing outdoors. She loves playing with her siblings, but definitely has a mind of her own.

Adelle is our newest addition to our family. She has the biggest brown eyes, and such a sweet spirit. She loves her big brothers and sisters interacting with her. She is already such a smiley baby. She definitely likes being cuddled, and loved on by us all. We were thrilled to welcome her into our family.

Meet Our Little Boys

Eli is three years old. He is all boy, but is also very sensitive. He is so gentle with his younger siblings. He loves playing with cars. He needed open heart surgery at eleven months old, but his heart is perfect now. He is so strong, and likes rearranging the furniture in the house.

Judah is 11 months old. He is a big teddy bear. He is the sweetest boy there is, and was the easiest baby. He melts all our hearts. We are so blessed to have him in our family.

Our Home and Pets

We lived in Southern California our entire lives before moving to Texas eleven years ago. We love living a bit in the country, but not too far from the city. Our home has seven bedrooms, game rooms for the boys and girls, a gym and a large loft area for everyone. Our backyard backs up to a beautiful wooded area. Hike and bike trails lead to playgrounds and a variety of sports centers. Our community also has an extensive private water park with water slides and a spray park. There are also two lakes for fishing and paddle boats.

Our Promise

We promise to embrace your child with the love that our Heavenly Father has embraced us with. We will provide a home with peace, gentleness, and every opportunity for your child to grow into the unique individual God has created them to be. Your child will be loved, cherished and protected by our entire family.