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About Our Family

On our journey towards parenthood, we have had time to think about the kinds of parents we hope to be. First and foremost, we understand that raising a child entails great responsibility. We are fully prepared to dedicate ourselves to ensuring that the child we raise will have all the financial, emotional, and social support needed to be happy and successful in life.

As an international and intercultural couple, we both value the experience of learning different languages and understanding different cultures. We are both committed to ensuring that the child we raise will be deeply immersed in both of our cultural backgrounds—Japanese and Euro-American. We want the child in our life to be bilingual (Japanese and English) and have access to all of the different opportunities that these two languages and their associated cultures have to offer.

Both of us consider ourselves lifelong learners who value the opportunities that education provides for personal and professional growth. We are both committed to making sure that the child we raise is given the utmost chance to pursue his or her passions through education. We are also committed to making time and space in our lives to support education, whether that means helping with homework or finding a way to support study abroad.

As individuals and as partners, Aki and I find great joy in life. This too is something we value highly. We desire nothing more than for the child we raise to have a joyous life, to find pleasure and satisfaction in whatever they undertake. We commit to supporting the child in our life with whatever endeavors they find joy and passion in.