Meet Megan and Eric

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About Our Family

We became a couple 15 years ago and have been inseparable since. We are a Marine Corp family and have had many fun & amazing adventures from living in Japan, Utah & we are now permanently settled in NC. We can tell you how much we love sports, spend every weekend at the beach or being active outdoors, we are just a laid back family and we tend to get a little wild and crazy, but who doesn’t? That’s what having fun is all about. We like to play what we call “wrestle mania”, we enjoy a game of wiffle Ball, a good water gun fight, or to just shoot hoops with each other. We also enjoy playing our favorite board game Life, along with many others, Chutes & Ladders, Candyland, etc. We also love a game of Uno. Our kids know to pray before meals and before bedtime. We feel education is crucial as well as being active. We believe in providing a solid and stable foundation for our kids to build on. We love to watch a good Netflix or redbox movie. One of many family traditions for us is watching our favorite show America Ninja Warrior.

We both come from big families; Eric is the middle child of 3 siblings who grew up in Indiana, he also has 4 step siblings. Megan is the second oldest of 4 siblings who grew up in West Virginia. Combined we have an incredible support system and are lucky enough to live close to both our families. This allows us to share holidays, get-togethers and surprise visits. There is quite a bit of diversity in our family and our families are excited to welcome another.

About the Big Sisters & Brothers:

Lily is a loving, delightful 12 year old who loves animals, reading/writing/coloring and the beach. She loves to play the basketball & enjoys hip hop dance and can’t wait to read to her new sibling.

Chloe is a silly, energetic 9 year old who can always be found playing with her barbies/dollhouse, legos & she loves to color with her big sister & enjoys hip hop dance as well with Lily. She is thrilled to become a big sister again.

Gavin is a tender-hearted, adventurous 6 year old, who has the biggest imagination ever. He loves playing with his superheroes, legos, & wrestling with dad. He’s so excited to have another sibling to play with.

Cooper is a sweet, easy-going 2 year old, who loves to play with his trucks, balls, & hide and seek with his siblings. He’s excited to have a sibling close in age to play with.

Our FurBabies:

We have four pups and our lives wouldn’t be the same without them. We are huge animal lovers. Diva is our Boston Terrier and she’s our oldest (8), her name says it all about her. She’s a very mellow dog and loves to sunbathe. Rocky our boxer unexpectedly passed away November 2018. Papi is our Chihuahua ( he’s 3) and Thor is our Poo-chi (he’s 1). They are the youngest and they are balls of energy. They are cuddlers and love playing with the kids in the back yard.