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Five years ago, an amazing woman, going through a difficult time, chose us to be her son's parents. We deeply admired her concern and love for her child and are now forever connected. If you are looking at profiles, perhaps you or a family member are also searching for a family that will have the qualities you are seeking. We wish you peace throughout this process and thank you for reading about us and considering adoption. Our names are Kathleen and Gerry. We are a family of three, who live in New York, about an hour outside of the city. Gerry and I have been married for twelve years and met at a Saint Patrick's Day parade in Manhattan, where Gerry was playing bagpipes. We knew we wanted children, but found out we weren't able to have our own biologically. As some of Kathleen's cousins are adopted, we knew our love as parents wouldn't be any different. We were blessed with our son Luke, ( now 5) through adoption when he was a day old. We stay in contact with Luke's birthparents through a shared website and texts. We hope to have an open or semi-open relationship with a future child's birthparents but respect any level of contact wanted.

So the second time around, we have a little more experience behind us with diapers, feeding, fixing boo boos and assembling tricky toys :) Our core beliefs remain the same. We promise you that nothing is more important to us than a child feeling LOVED, VALUED, and SAFE. There will be no shortage of "I love you's" or hugs. There will be fun, giggles, lots of attention, faith, and an extended network of people who love your little one, like grandparents, aunts, uncles and close family friends. We value education, supporting their talents, and teaching compassion for others.

We know you probably have many more questions and we are happy to answer any of them. It is important that you find the family that is the right fit. God Bless You and please do not hesitate to contact us (646) 831-3763 call/text.