Adoption Connection - My Baby's Family

$5,000 Adoption Assistance Grants

In partnership with In Business For Life Inc. (501c3), My Baby’s Family LLC is pleased to announce our My Baby’s Gift Adoption Assistance Grant Program. A $5,000 grant is available for the benefit of the next baby adopted by Adoptive Parent(s) who first meet and connect with their baby’s Birth Mother via

My Baby’s Gift grants are:

  • Designated to cover the Adoption Advisor expenses incurred by the Adoptive Parent(s) for the benefit of their adopted child
  • Payable from In Business For Life Inc. (501c3) directly to Adoption Advisor after expiration of state’s parental rights revocation waiting period
  • Not to be applied towards Birth Mother expenses of any kind
  • Verified via affidavits from Adoptive Parent(s), Adoption Advisor and Birth Mother
  • Not tied to the income of the Adoptive Parent(s) in any way

To qualify for this grant, both the Adoptive Parent(s) and their designated Adoption Advisors must have created their accounts on prior to connecting with the Birth Mother.

The My Baby’s Gift grant program exemplifies our commitment to helping increase the number of domestic infant adoptions, while reducing the cost and wait time. Please contact us if you have any questions about this program.