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Dear Expectant Parents,

Hello! We want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to visit our profile page, and for considering an adoption plan for your child. We want you to know just how admirable, brave, heroic, and strong we think you are. All of us are currently living in unprecedented times in our country. There are so many causes, and so many charities that deserve and need funding. Every month we donate a percentage of our monthly income to our church, to support and provide funding to help people in need. We have a sincere and honest desire to help others. Child adoption is one cause that we are now personally invested in. According to Adoption.org there are 140,000 children that are adopted every year. In our eyes, that is 140,000 extremely brave women like yourself who have made an unbelievably difficult decision. Heroic and strong women like you have chosen life. As expecting parents you have given your child a chance to change this country to be a better place. Valiant people like yourselves are giving a family like us irreplaceable joy, with the gift of a child. We anxiously await our chance to meet a courageous woman like yourself, and are overjoyed to adopt a child of our own. We are ready to adopt, enrich, encourage, and enlighten a little one into our forever family! Thank you for considering us!!!

If you as the birth parents are willing or wanting, we would love to have an open adoption. An open adoption to us means our future child's birth family joining us for birthdays, celebrations, and other multiple times throughout the year. We believe in giving our future child (and you as the birth family) all the love and support available to them. In our family it is all about giving our kids all the love they deserve. To us it means a child is adopted, but will always have four parents. Two that gave them life, and two that are giving them a life. Most importantly, we are willing to be as open as you desire or are comfortable with. Our immediate family circle has a lot of love and support to share and go around. Hayden comes from a blended family of ten siblings. Amongst her siblings there are currently 25 cousins, 18 of which live within ten driving minutes. Her siblings/family get together at minimum once a month, and all the cousins play and play and play! Jon’s family is also blended and consists of three other siblings, and a cousin. (He is more like a brother than a cousin because they were raised together.) Amongst all of them there are 9 cousins, 6 of which actually live in our neighborhood. Our families see each other multiple times a week, and get together at each other's houses, the neighborhood park, the splash pad, or the pool weekly. They also attend the same preschool and are involved in sports, dance classes, and other extracurricular activities together. Amongst our two sides of the family there is a lot of love, faith, family, friendship, fun, and support to give to our little one. There is absolutely no difference in the amount of love we have for the biological children and cousins versus the adopted or married into our family cousins. We all are anxious to bring another child into our fun loving life! 

We are Jonathan & Hayden, a family of 5 from sunny Arizona! We are eagerly waiting for a beautiful child like yours, to be placed for adoption with our forever family! After two miscarriages and trouble getting pregnant, we were graciously blessed with three beautiful children. We are SO GRATEFUL for the joy children bring, and the miracle they are in our lives. After our second miscarriage, we began to utilize Hayden’s Master’s Degree in Social Work, to reach out to peers and learn more about adoption. We immediately fell in love with the possibility to adopt, and undoubtedly knew this was something we wanted to pursue. We also have a sibling who has adopted three beautiful children of their own. We have seen first hand the blessings of adoption in our community, and within our family circle. Adoption has taught us that family goes beyond blood, it is born in the heart. It is rooted in love and community instead of biology. We can no longer have biological children, and so we are eager and ready to finally pursue adoption. We are sincerely excited for the opportunity to add another little blessing into our family. We have prayed diligently and sought counsel and have reached the conclusion that the time is now! We have faith in God, hope, and infinite love waiting for the opportunity to grow our family. Thank you again for considering us, we would love to get to know you!!!

With Love,

Hayden & Jon