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Meet Joseph and Meagan

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About Joseph

Cleveland through and through.I'm a huge sports fan, and love the Browns, Indians and Cavs. I'm also described by my friends and family as quite the trivia nerd as I know a little about a lot of stuff.

A Note From Meagan

Joe is the most kindhearted, thoughtful, generous person I have ever known. I could not have picked a better partner in life when I picked Joe, though I imagine he would say he picked me. On a regular basis, I am astounded by the amount of energy and love he is able to give to all of those around him. Even after all of that, he is always so quick to talk about how he can't wait to be a dad and how much he can't wait to give and share with his child. I cannot wait to be a parent, but more so, I cannot wait to see Joe as a parent and for us to go down this journey together.

Some of Joe's main interests:

1. Sports. He is an avid Browns and Indians fan and any child of his will be cheering for them as well.

2. Science. Joe is a nerd to the core and we're all better for it!

3. Reading. He is often reading multiple books at a time. There's just so much that interests him.

4. Family. Joe always has time for his family and he is often in his element surrounded by them.

5. Me. Friends and family often remark what a devoted husband Joe clearly is, and they are not wrong. I have no question that he will be equally or more so devoted to his child.