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Meet Joseph and Meagan

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About Meagan

I love to cook and try new recipes. I also enjoy puzzles and trying new foods! I enjoy going to sporting events with my husband to root on the Browns, Indians, and Cavs.

A Note From Joseph

Meagan is caring and generous beyond description (despite my attempts to describe it below). She is fun-loving and adventurous. She has embarked on a lifelong journey of learning when she married me. She comes from a traditional family with wonderful parents, a great sister, and amazing nieces and nephews. She's originally from Michigan but has since upgraded to Ohio. I describe our family in part as a lifelong journey of learning because we both have learned so much from each other. She has embraced our differences and we have highlighted the aspects of our families that we want to imbue our future family with. She has traveled to three continents now and explored all manner of foods, customs and traditions. She has traveled far and wide domestically too, as her family is spread across the country and we've made efforts to visit many of them. She's going to be an incredible mom and I can't wait to go on this journey together!