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Dear Birth Mother,

We have known for years now that adoption is the path God has chosen for our family. We believe this is the right time for us to adopt a child. To us, adoption is one of the most beautiful expressions of love in this world. We are honored to be considered as prospective parents for your baby. We hope to love, protect, cherish, and start family traditions as we share our lives with your child.

We have been ready to be parents for several years but have not conceived naturally. We believe in God's timing and His plan. My husband John is amazing with children. If we go to the park and there are children playing he will put a basketball team together. We both love adventure, traveling, and making memories together. I look forward to experiencing life with a little one with big dreams and no inhibitions. We want to teach, pray for, mold, and love our child. We want to nurture their talents and gifts.

We have been praying for you and the little life inside of you. We pray that you have peace and strength as you make this decision. The decision before you is not an easy one. I don't know what has brought you to this place, but I know that amazing good can come out of any situation. We believe whole-heartedly that God is orchestrating everything behind the scenes and trust that you will be led to make the best decision for your baby and yourself.

Thank you for considering us as potential parents for your child. We really respect and admire the decision you have made for choosing life. It is obvious the path you are taking is being made out of love and selflessness. If you choose us to adopt your child, be comforted in knowing that we will love and cherish your child unconditionally. They will know that you made this decision out of love. We pray your future is filled with hope and promise. We are so honored to be considered.


John and Nancy