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Meet Jessi and John

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About John

I work as director and registrar at a local college and also as a 2nd Lieutenant to a medical unit in the Army National Guard. I enjoy working hard at my job, but more importantly I am Dad and Husband when I come home. I am passionate about my family and love spending time with them. Gavin gets so excited the moment I home from work and we spend the rest of the evening playing until bedtime!

What I love about being a Dad:

I love playing with Gavin, rolling around on the floor, chasing him through the house, and teaching him new things. I love seeing him smile and run to me when I come home from work each day. I love seeing him figure out new skills.

I am looking forward to being a father of two. Two is our magic number: one for each hand, or one for each parent when we need to tag-team!

Favorite Things:

-Having fun outside



-Jessi's cookies

-Chasing Gavin around the house

-Playing games- especially chess

-Playing my trumpet

-Watching football

My Family:

David and Sandy are my parents, and Eric is my younger brother. My dad is a banker and in his free time is an avid hiker and photographer. My mom has been a substitute teacher for 20 years and almost literally knows everyone in her town. She loves bird watching and watching her New England Patriots play. Eric works for Walmart and enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and playing video games. I couldn't have asked for a better family!

A Note From Jessi

There's a lot of things I love about this guy- here's a few:

-He doesn't do anything halfway. He doesn't just run, he runs trails, Tough Mudders, and Ultra marathons. He doesn't just hunt, he hunts elk, with a bow, in the mountains of Colorado. He brings that same dedication and commitment to being a husband and father.

-He is fun and funny and uses that humor to encourage others. He can make anything into a game with Gavin and is always finding ways to make us laugh.

-He is a patient person and is not easily ruffled- which I need! He addresses problems head on when they arise and sees the obstacles we face as challenges to be overcome.