Meet Paula and Joshua

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Dear Expectant Mother:

Life has a funny way of throwing curve balls at us, as I am sure you know. For Josh and I, it was how we were to build our family. We had planned, and then as they say "God laughs." Things did not happen the way we thought they would but we never gave up hope that it would happen.

​We have hopes and dreams just as you do. We hope that you consider us when choosing a life for your child. We are a faithful Catholic couple, who have been blessed with a little girl through adoption who truly loves babies, and is very excited to become a big sister.

We know that you are going through something you may not have planned, but that you hold on to that hope that something good will come out of it. Please consider Josh and I when choosing parents for this child. Our hearts and souls are filled with love and joy that are just bursting at the seams to not only share with your child, but also you and your family. We truly love that adoption expands our family in so many awesome ways.Our dream is to have children who can grow up together, bonding with special memories, and having someone else that they can always count on, but at the same time knowing where they came from and celebrating that as well.

​We are so glad that you are looking for help and guidance to research what is best for your child. Thank you for reading our story, and for considering us.

Paula and Josh