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Meet Justin and Maya

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Hello, we are Justin, Maya and Wren. We are a happy and fun-loving family that enjoys creating new experiences while embracing open adoption. We have been planning for this next chapter of our lives and are excited to welcome a new family member into our home and hearts.

Adoption is a familiar concept to us and something we hold near and dear as we adopted our daughter three years ago and one of Justin’s brothers was adopted. We understand adoption is through love and we respect your consideration of this.

Thank you for familiarizing yourself with us. We hope our letter will help you determine if we are the right family to provide a loving and caring environment for your baby. Just as we have with Wren's birth mother, we want you to always know that your baby will be happy, healthy and safe.

We will be 100% open with your baby about their adoption, just as we are with Wren. We know adoption is a blessing and a very beautiful thing that shouldn’t be hidden. Your baby will be informed of the love that you have shown. We have also expanded our community of adoptive families, ensuring a comfortable environment for your child. Justin’s adopted brother will also offer guidance and support by sharing what he learned through adoption; a journey your child and Wren would experience together.

We are happy to share pictures, update letters and set up a similar private Facebook page that we did for Wren’s birth mama that will fully inform you after the adoption. We know that your preferences may change over time, but would like to provide you the option of staying informed always available.

We welcome the opportunity for you to learn more about us or to arrange an initial phone call (anytime).

Kindest Regards,

Justin, Maya and Wren