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Thank you for taking some time to look at our family through photos. This process is probably overwhelming and that isn’t lost on us.

We are an adventurous, open book, open-hearted sort of family and we would really like to meet you. We have two boys, 10 years old and 3 years old, who are the light of our lives. It is our biggest honor guide these two wonderful boys as they grow up and be the recipient of their hugs and kisses.

I want you to know that circumstances do not define you. Poverty doesn’t make you an unfit parent. Timing doesn’t make you a selfish parent. Life is unexpected and that doesn’t make you the wrong parent. So many times, the people around us try to define the standards of our life, and it is really important for you to know that your life is YOURS, you are enough.

We believe that an adoption is a broadening of family ties. Our adopted children will always know the beauty of their birth, the sacrifice of their adoption and the love that was lived out for them. Andrew and I have no reservations about open adoption and specifically hope that this can happen. There is something special in store for a kid that gets two moms, two dads and twice as much of everything else, especially, love. Open adoptions can be complicated, but so is life.

My hope for you is that these months of pregnancy have blessings equal to the losses. That bonds that need strengthened, become stronger. That you feel loved. That you feel accepted. That you feel sure of your future.

If you want to reach out and ask us questions, we can do that with no strings attached, it doesn't hurt our feelings or make us uncomfortable. We would love to be an encouragement to you no matter what you choose to do with your baby's future. I would love for you to meet Andrew and our sons. We are truly a happy family, not perfect, but sincerely happy and our hearts have room to adopt again.

I hope to message with you!


Hoping to Adopt (again)