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About Our Family

We are now a family of four! We are the proud parents of two wonderful boys, 10 and 3 years old.

Our farm is deep in the rolling hills of the Palouse and we have scenery that is breathtaking—the Blue Mountains to our East , the Walla Walla River to our South, the Touchet River to our North and channels to the Columbia River to our west. We love to visit historic spots (Columbia fur trade, Oregon Trail, First People Sacred Sites, Frontier Settlements), explore natural beauty and find adventures together. We have the biggest, most beautiful skies. Our States most glorious waterfall is only 50 minutes from our place and boasts some of the most spectacular waterworks. We have unlimited camping and hiking opportunities nearby and we love to roam the woods in the spring and summer.

We live in a small city and our little farm is about 15 minutes from town center. We love that our community is intentional and warm-hearted. Our community is child-centric with many playful parks and opportunities for kids to have fun; it boasts rich Latin, Native American, German and Italian culture—among others; and our schools are healthy and focused on the whole child.We really like that our city is big enough to have resources and with opportunities that don’t feel limited, yet small enough to know people by name and rally around a neighborhood when it is needed.

We spent several years saving to buy our farm because we both knew that we wanted to settle in this valley. Our farm is 11 acres of prairie, tidy fences, good neighbors, a little blue farmhouse with picture windows and a barn for the goats. We have a few milk goats, several chickens, indoor/outdoor kitties and a dog. Our house is tidy and clean, we always have fresh food and home baked things in our cupboards and fridge, and our outdoor spaces are ideal for enjoying the country.

We have dinner together and love to play games and talk about our day. We do a check-in each day, sharing a high-point and a low point during our meal. This gives us an opportunity to share a little bit of how our day went, without going into super great detail right away. Weekends are farm days and volunteer days. We have goats and on Saturdays we spend time checking their fences or cleaning their stalls, getting a few snuggles while we are at it. Sunday we go to church and volunteer at our youth correction facility.

We do life together as a family. We love to spend time together.

We have family in Idaho, Oregon, California, Washington, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. We try to visit our family in each state once a year—sometimes centered around the holidays, but also plan our family vacations around family visits. When we aren’t visiting we skype, facebook or text/call to keep in touch. Kristen’s grandpa is 94 this year, so we just send him mail because he can’t hear on the phone and doesn’t know how to use technology, but everyone else stays connected on all the other options.

Andrew and I are stable and sure of future. When we realized that we were going to build our family through adoption, we did not start the process until we owned our home, had savings set aside, stability with our employer and felt supported to be adoptive parents by our community, family, and friends.

Our 10 year old teases Kristen and says that she is "boy trapped" with two sons and a husband, but she loves it! She has so much energy and grit, being a "boy mom" was definitely something she was meant to do. She loves to help them be courageous and kind toward all living things, even a dandelion; she coaches them to face their fears and stand strong; and she challenges them to act upon their empathy and treat the world like they want to be treated. We are open to any gender and have a huge amount of love for whoever that little one will be.

Check out our photos to get a picture of our life together!