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About Our Home

It isn't uncommon to see a mud covered boy streaking across the back pasture,

It isn't uncommon to hear laughter bouncing up from the garden,

It isn't uncommon to find a little boy cozied up with a goat and a good book,

It isn't uncommon to discover scientific samples in the playhouse awaiting further inspection from an interested boy,

It isn't uncommon to find out that our old tarp has been redesigned as a flying machine,

It isn't uncommon to realize that the seeming mayhem is just two little boys having the very best childhood.

When you sit with us at our dinner table our topics often revolve around God, science, school, race, culture, homelessness and poverty, the complexities of life and the choice between right and wrong.

When you adventure with us in the park you will find that we always have space to store up the treasures that nature supplies, clamshells, acorns, feathers, rocks, seeds, and many other things the sunshine has touched.

When you walk into our home you will see that each person is a person, no matter how small. From the biggest to the littlest, we all have chores to complete and a voice that is heard.

We are gentle parents and base our leadership off of mutual respect and understandinng.

We built our home with Kristen's Dad. We live in a quaint farmhouse with plenty of outdoor space for absolute freedom to romp and play. We have farm animals and pets and garden space and a sky that is big and open.