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About Andrew

Ten Fun Facts about Andrew

1. He can play several instruments and loves to bring out his guitar at any occasion.

2. Being very animated, Andrew doesn't have an ounce of shyness.

3. He is the chaplain at the juvenile prison.

4. Finding a museum with rich history is a highlight of any road trip.

5. He grew up with a small, tight family.

6. As an after-school director, empowering students to learn at their own pace and discover the world is what keeps him engaged with his job.

7. He is a solid rock in social circles and is depended on in his community.

8. He serves God in his daily life.

9. He is always ready with a hug and has limitless kindness.

10.As a home owner, he has learned to fix plumbing and structural details on his own which has been our families comedic relief.

A Note From Kristen

Andrew is a musician and loves to play, sing and write. His relaxation time is usually centered around music in some fashion.

Andrew loves working with technology and learning about new tech genius stuff. He has a pilot license to fly drones and gets a total kick out of the cool stuff he can do. I get all cross-eyed when he shows me some of the geeky stuff, but he loves it and is always so inspired.

Andrew is the nicest person that I know! He goes out of his way to help people on a daily basis. He has built a great reputation at his work for being helpful and earnest in his dealings with staff, students and parents. His caring nature is one of his most attractive characteristics and makes me admire him so much.

He’s the sweetest dad. Watching him bring joy to my sons face is the best thing ever. When he walks in the door after work, Xander’s face lights up and he throws himself into Andrews arms. I cherish the moments that our foster son slips his little hand into Andrews big one and they just hold hands.

I’m the outdoorsy one, between us, but Andrew is always inspiring me go outside or working on special project for me. He lets me bring baby animals into the house (even though I know he hates it) so that I can nurse them back to health. He even let me raise a family of skunks once!

I think you will absolutely love him if you ever meet him. He is one of a kind and the sweetest!