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Deidra Bekele - Family Community Builder

Deidra Bekele began her family-building journey with us in January of 2020 as our Family Community Builder. Her passionate desire to help families find the babies of their dreams, along with her social media marketing expertise, make Deidra a perfect fit for the job. She received her bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Studies from Eureka College in 2016. In her spare time, Deidra supports her husband, Abel, in pastoral ministry of a small church in Indianapolis.

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Brad Lindemann - CEO/Co-Founder

Brad Lindemann’s distinguished and diverse business career began in 1977. As a gifted communicator with a head for business and a heart for people, Brad began his career with two pre-eminent sales organizations –Northwestern Mutual Life and IBM. After leaving IBM, Brad was the top salesperson at Econocom-USA before becoming its youngest senior executive. In 1989, Brad founded Ambassador Solutions, an IT consulting firm based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Brad is an adoptive father, birth grandfather and passionate defender of the unborn’s inalienable right to life. He and his extended family have experienced eight challenging pregnancies over five decades. Those experiences led him to found In Business for Life Inc. (501c3) in 2016, a non-profit that equips and encourages business people to take a winsomely positive stand for life in the marketplace. In 2017, Brad co-founded My Baby’s Family LLC to help Expectant Parents find THE safe and loving family for their child, starting with thorough consideration of their own parenting options. Brad envisions MyBabysFamily.com becoming THE destination site for Expectant Parents wanting to explore their promising possibilities. He believes that we will one day be able to introduce them to every adoptive family-in-waiting around the world.

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Dan Ducat - Chief Technology Officer/Co-Founder

Dan has been doing professional software development for over 25 years and solution architecture for over 10 years. He specializes in Microsoft technologies, but has worked with other technology stacks as well. During his career, he has worked for international ministries and Fortune 500 organizations designing, developing, and deploying solutions to meet the various business needs.

In his spare time, Dan enjoys spending time with his family and exploring the back-country jeep trails of Colorado.

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Jenna Ducat - Co-Founder

Jenna served as the Director of Operations and Marketing during our start-up phase. We could not have made it without Jenna’s amazing organizational skills and painstaking attention to detail. A Project Manager by trade, she loves to organize people and tasks to create something from nothing. For the last 12 years, Jenna worked at non-profit organizations, her favorite being Compassion International, before making the decision to stay home and be mom to teenage children. She started working for MyBabysFamily in April 2018 and continues to support our life-affirming, family-building mission.

In her spare time, Jenna likes to spend time with her kiddos and husband Dan, read, make quilts, and learn anything she can!

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