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Meet Lindsay and Rick

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About Our Family

Our hobbies and interests include music, education, travel, sports, camping, and church activities. Lindsay usually likes to cook healthy organic food, but she is also famous for her chocolate chip cookies!

Music is a huge part of our lives. Lindsay sometimes gives private opera concerts. She also teaches a music class for young children. Rick also sings and plays the piano. We love to sing hymns and songs together as a family. Luke shares our love for music - he sings all day long!

Our son Luke is a confident and joyful child. Like any toddler, he enjoys blocks and play dough and toy trains and singing his ABC’s. He always looks forward to gymnastics class. He loves playing in our back yard – but he needs a brother or sister to play with!

Our home is in the southeast of Los Angeles, 20 minutes from Disneyland and 15 minutes from the beach. We live in a residential neighborhood with a lot of ethnic diversity. Our area has parks and playgrounds and a good Christian school. We live on the church campus, which means that Rick is always close by – he can come home for lunch every day. Our 4-bedroom house has a big back yard with a swing set.

Both of our families live nearby! We get together for holidays, birthday parties, and just to have fun. So your child would have two sets of doting grandparents, 8 uncles and aunts, and 8 first cousins, as well as a whole church full of loving friends.

Finally, faith is very important to us, and we will raise our kids to know that they are deeply loved by God. We also know that YOU are a precious child of God – more loved by Jesus Christ than you could ever possibly hope for or imagine.