Meet Marisol and Brian

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It is our honor and joy to introduce ourselves to you. Our names are Mari and Brian and we applaud you for your courage and strength to make such a serious, selfless, and responsible sacrifice. Our hope is that we can help you to feel love, peace and comfort now and always.

We know this is a difficult time for you. We want to give you a glimpse of our life with this letter to help you imagine your child as part of our family. We feel very grateful just for you giving us a chance and reading about us.

We are currently living in Mason Ohio. We are childless and we have been married for five years. We are in our 40s and started our formal adoption journey two years ago. God has been good to us by giving us a deep, abiding, and very fun love with each other! We feel blessed beyond measure! We can’t wait to become parents and share the wonderful life we have with our kids.

We come from very stable families (Mari’s parents have been married for 48 years and Brian’s for 45 years) and we were raised very traditionally. Mari’s family is in Costa Rica, but we see them often because they like to come to visit and we also enjoy going there (Costa Rica beaches are the best). The majority of Brian’s family is in Ohio so we see them regularly.

Each of us was very successful in our careers and lives. Getting married was something we both wanted and we were waiting for. Brian works for the government and also serves in the Army National Guard. Marisol worked as a manager for an international company for 15 years, but we decided that the best thing for our kids would be to have her as a full-time mom. She currently does volunteer work and dedicates her time to learn new skills.

We started a life together 6 years ago with many dreams, but becoming parents in accordance with God’s plan was the biggest one. We got married in a Catholic church in 2013 and a few months later we started trying to get pregnant. God blessed us with two pregnancies that sadly ended in miscarriages. We were living the happiest dream and suddenly we were living a nightmare. We just wanted to wake up and be pregnant again.

We talked about adoption more seriously right after our first miscarriage. We felt in our hearts that pursuing that path was going to be extremely rewarding. The idea of giving a kid a family, “our family” was very special to us. We must confess that in those years, our knowledge about the adoption process was almost nothing.

We learned to live one day at a time and, with support, time and prayers we started healing. Our babies will always live in our hearts and they have changed us in a good way. We are more patient and humbler, understand that plans do not always go as expected, and pray more. We have better acceptance for circumstances that we can’t control and feel more comfortable asking for help. We have built more relationships and our love and faith became stronger. We are enjoying life, ourselves, our love, our blessings. We are loving, family-oriented, compassionate, trustworthy, funny, and curious.

Our belief is that God picked you to bring life to the world and that there is a true purpose for the person you carry inside you. We admire you for choosing life and giving your baby not only the most precious gift of life, but also for putting her wellbeing first, even if that means you having to work on an adoption plan.

Don't ever hesitate that they will know about how much you love them and what you were willing to sacrifice for their happiness. Giving us the opportunity to be the family for your child is a demonstration of real love and is just priceless. We promise that in return we will do everything that is in our hands to make your child feel loved and happy.

There will be many kisses and blessings at bedtime, when we get up, when we leave, when we come back, and whenever we feel like it. They will be accustomed to giving and to receiving affection. There will be many, many photos because Mari is passionate about capturing memories in photos.

We want to introduce God to them. We want them to see him as another Daddy who loves them. We already have children's Bible versions and prayer books. We want to start and finish our days praising the Lord as a family.

Some of their childhood memories will include trips to their grandparent’s cottage and fishing with dad and grandpa or of the sand castles they will build with their cousins in Costa Rica. They will see volcanoes, toucans, monkeys, and horizons with their own eyes that their friends only see in books. The sandwiches they will make with the grandfather, who also enjoys a lot of cooking. Walks along the seashore with mom and falling in love with the sunsets like her. Family camping trips without internet and going on roller coasters with dad. Most likely, they will like homemade food a lot because we do not usually go to restaurants and prefer to cook at home.

They will be immersed in two cultures (American and Latino) and will know that although not all of us think alike, we can live in harmony if we respect and learn from our differences. They’ll speak at least two languages, English from both of us and Spanish from mommy. Their passport will have many stamps because we love to travel. They'll probably enjoy nature because Daddy and Mommy will take them to do a lot of hiking.

We will give our children every opportunity to attend college and guidance to help them complete their degree. We'd like them also to experience other things like art and sports. We would like to expose them to music, theater and painting. Their maternal granny can help here.

We do believe that who we are now put us in a better position to be parents. We know is not easy, we know there is not a recipe and we know all the “things” that eventually we are leaving behind for becoming parents. For both of us, this is the lifetime dream. God allowed us to do so much in preparation for this moment that all we can tell you is we are ready.

We are open to keeping in contact and would love to send you photos and letters. We can schedule visits too if in the best interest of the kid. We are praying for you and your decision to choose us. Please, know that if you choose us for your baby we promise to always honor and respect any agreement between us.

We may be strangers now but we know your goal as ours is the well-being of your child and we believe that’s enough to create a special relationship between us.

With eternal gratitude

Mari and Brian