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Dear Mama,

Thank you for taking the time to read and learn about our family! Maybe you're still exploring adoption or maybe the decision is made. Either way, you have more strength than you know, and we have so much admiration and love for you.

We are a family of four from Kentucky. This journey to adopt has been talked and prayed about since we married over 8 years ago. Lauren is a social worker and is passionate about adoption, and especially birth parents. Max is close with his only nephew who was adopted out of foster care. They share a special bond and the same birthday twenty years apart. We have two biological children, our son Jude Harrison was born October 2015 and our daughter Blake Everly was born October 2017. Lauren has very difficult pregnancies, so the choice was made to not have more biological children. It makes sense to us to now grow our family through LOVE and not biology. We pray our time is soon as we would love to have our third child stay close in age to Jude and Blake. Throughout this page you will see a lot about our kids. We believe you're not just choosing parents for your child, but a whole family. Our children, whether born of blood or love, will always be the best part of our lives.

Our Parenting Promise To You....

We promise to model empathy for others so they can understand that everyone has a story worth hearing. Our adopted child will always know their own story of how love brought them to us through their bio family. We want them to know and value their birth mother because WE will want to know and value you. We understand it may take time for you to ready, but we are hopeful you will become an extension of our family. We promise we will love and cherish our children. We want to instill in our children confidence in themselves and their abilities. We will support and love them as they explore their callings, and help them know they are strong and capable. We will attachment parent, and always be responsive to them from birth, having confidence that we will come when they cry. We hope to impart a strong work ethic, a love for God, family and others, and a desire to see this great big world. We try not to sweat the small stuff, and will always have time for hugs, kisses and just one more bedtime story.

With love,

Max, Lauren, Jude and Blake