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Meet Lauren and Max

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About Lauren

Hi, I'm Lauren! I was born and raised in Kentucky. I’m a part-time Women’s Health Coordinator working with the Veteran population. I am passionate about advocating for women. Working part-time enables me to be home more with my children and it is truly the greatest gift. They are only little once and I cherish the time we have together. Outside of work and my family, I enjoy traveling every chance I get. I have been fortunate enough to go to Africa on safari and it was one of the most exciting moments of my life! My goal is to visit every continent eventually. I also enjoy using my theatre degree and acting whenever I have free time. It’s fun to play someone else for a day. I’m a big foodie and will try any food from any country! I’ve been horse crazy for as long as I remember, but I hope to ride more when the kids are older. I was about five years old the first time I felt the call to adopt. My heart is so ready for our third child to fill up the small, empty spot marked “adoption” that feels like it has been there my whole life.

A Note From Max

Lauren has a heart like no other person I’ve met. I love the fact she’s caring and kind, but is not a pushover. She encourages us to be our best and dream big. Her family comes before all else, and she would do anything and everything for them. I couldn’t be more proud of the dedicated mother she is to our children, and the loving wife she is to me. She really is the glue that holds us together and keeps us going forward. I appreciate that she wants us to experience life with hands on activities, and is all about enjoying the every day moments.