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Meet Lauren and Max

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About Max

Hi. I'm Max!

I was born and raised in Missouri. I followed my wife to Kentucky ten years ago and it become home, but I will always love the Midwest. I work as a grounds crew leader at our local VA Medical Center and have a lawn care business on the side. I enjoy working with my hands and realized years ago a desk job was not the job for me. I’ve always had an appreciation for being outdoors. I remember growing up making forts in the woods and can’t wait to do the same with my kids. I have a woodshop and build furniture. I am a huge 80s fan, and love sharing the cartoons and music of my childhood with my kids. I always knew I’d love being a dad, but it is even better than I ever thought it would be. I hope in spending as much quality time as possible with my kids that I can pass on important values such as a strong work ethic and selflessness. Music is my next biggest passion after family. I grew up singing and playing on church music teams. I play guitar, bass, mandolin and drums. I hope one day to share my love of music with my kids.

A Note From Lauren

Max is one of the most caring people I’ve ever met. He’s a giver and it shows in every aspect of his life. He’ll work a full day, then come home to eat and cleanup the kitchen. After dinner, It’s playtime on the floor with the kids, baths and bedtime. It’ll be 10PM some days before he actually sits down to take a breath. He does whatever it takes to support his family and we love him so much. He has a beautiful voice, I never grow tired of hearing him sing to us! If I could describe Max in 5 words it would be: loyal, forgiving, committed, funny, kind.