Meet Natalie and Carl

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About Carl

Carl is 6’1” and has brown hair and hazel eyes. Carl is personable, friendly and hardworking. He is also a very dependable and faithful person.

Carl's hobbies include:

Reading (newspapers, fiction and non-fiction)

Travel, Sports and Athletics

Cultural events (theater, museums)


Carl's Story:

I was born in Chicago. My father was American and my mother was originally German and a naturalized US citizen. I lived with both of my parents throughout my childhood and they remained married up until this year when my father passed away. My father’s career as a Consular Officer for the US Department of State required us to move every 2-3 years to a new post. Those assignments included, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Washington, D.C., Italy, Germany and Austria (where I attended High School and first met my wife, Natalie.) My sister Sandra was adopted in Hong Kong when I was a 1 year old.

I had a happy childhood. For the most part I was a quiet and well behaved child. Although I often played with my sister, as a young child, I was also content entertaining myself with matchbox cars, toy soldiers, reading, riding my bike and fishing. Later on, I spent more time with school and neighborhood friends playing sports, reading and building airplane models. As I grew, I became very committed to team sports such as soccer, basketball and track and field. This was especially the case in High School and University where I was on several Varsity teams. Through the years growing up, we spent every other summer visiting with my grandparents and cousins in the Chicago area or in Frankfurt, where my mother’s family lives.

I was raised Catholic and attended a private Catholic School while we lived in Italy and also for one year in Gaithersburg, MD, which is a suburb of Washington, D.C. My mother is a devout Catholic and my father was Christian but did not actively go to church.

Early on, my parents impressed upon me the value of hard work and earning my own money. My first summer job was after 9th grade working in the library of the US Embassy in East Berlin. I also worked the following summers at the US Embassy in Vienna Austria doing carpentry, gardening, and moving furniture. Overall I would say that I really enjoyed my childhood and I have fond memories of family trips.

Natalie and I have tried to have a baby together on our own and through IVF. However, as you might have already read, the journey has been emotionally and physically, long and grueling. I feel just as excited about growing our family with Natalie through adoption. It warms my heart even more to know how much Sophia (my biological daughter) really wants this too. Although, Sophia is Natalie’s step daughter, the bond they share is truly special. I'm really excited about welcoming a beautiful baby to our loving family.

A Note From Natalie

I fell in love with my husband, Carl, a long time ago, as a teenager, when we were just students and the American International School in Vienna Austria. I loved everything about him then and even more now. Sometimes, I still cannot believe that my wish to marry Carl on my 15th Birthday actually came true, even though it took so many years to happen. I thank my lucky stars everyday that I get to begin each day, waking up next to him. Carl is my love, my best friend, my strength when things get rough and my biggest fan when things go well.

I love his positivity and always looking on the bright side of things.

I love his kindness and consideration for others.

I love his dedication to me and our family.

I love his patience with Sophia, as he teaches her new things like how to swim or ride a bike.

I love his playfulness with Sandy (our dog) and how much affection he shows her too.

I love his ambition and drive at work and in the goals he sets out to do.

I love that he is well read and shares many of my interests like traveling and experiencing art and other cultures and learning new languages.

I love his athleticism and passion for sports.

I love that we often think alike.

I love everything about him.

I cannot wait to grow our family further with my husband, Carl!

I would also like to share my letter from our wedding day as I feel it still sums up my feelings so well:

My Dear Prince Carl:

I dreamed of this day when I was just 14. And yet I had no idea the extent of what our love could be. You understand me like no one else. You make life so much richer in the good times and more bearable in difficult moments. Thank you for loving me beyond what I ever thought was possible.

You know how much I love quotes... I picked one that summarizes my feelings best. It's by one of my fave authors as a little girl... Dr. Seuss:

"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because you know that your reality is finally better than your dreams."

Our reality surpasses my dreams, prayers and wishes. I now really believe that wishes do come true. I am grateful and honored to become your wife and that you chose me to be yours. I am so proud to within moments call you my husband. Carl, I love and cherish you beyond words. And, our sweet Sophia too. And, I always will. Thank you in advance for giving me the rest of your life. It's the best gift. I love you forever and ever.