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When facing important decisions, it can be helpful to simply focus upon making the next right choice. The following question has helped many people make that choice wisely:

In light of my past experience, current circumstances and future hopes and dreams, what is the wise thing for me to do? - Andy Stanley, North Point Ministries

When considering your baby’s future, what past experiences might you also consider? Looking back, what choices proved to be wise or unwise and what did those experiences teach you that might help you make wise choices now? Try to remember what you were thinking then and compare that to how you see things now.

No doubt, your current circumstances greatly affect how you see the future for both you and your baby. You may feel unable to properly parent your child. This is often the case when getting little or no support from those you would depend upon to help raise your child. Your current living situation may not be healthy for a newborn. And of course, finances are almost always a factor…and there are many others. A word of caution –choices made to relieve temporary pain or provide short term gain often lead to permanent regret.

Your future changed the moment you became pregnant. That does not mean your future hopes and dreams have been shattered...merely modified. Resist the temptation to put your future on hold while you deal with your “pregnancy problem”. Instead, take a fresh look at your future hopes and dreams, knowing that the choices you make now will greatly impact them. Choose wisely and you could be choosing a future beyond your wildest dreams.

The stakes are undeniably high. But remember, we are here for you, as are many others. You are not alone. You have many caring people and comprehensive resources available to you. They can help you figure out what is the wise thing for you to do, so that you can make the next right choice. If you think adoption is a viable option for you and your baby, then it may be time to Meet Our Families.

You Are Not Alone

The stakes are undeniably high. But remember, we are here for you, as are many others.

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