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Meet Kathryn and Patrick

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Hello from sunny Florida!

We are a loving, Catholic couple, excited to become first-time parents through adoption. We would love to share a glimpse into who we are and what you can expect from us as parents. Prior to getting married, we discussed adoption, and when we were faced with infertility, we knew this was what God had in store for us. Thank you for considering joining us on this lifelong journey.

About Us

Our relationship is built on love, honesty, and open communication. It is this foundation that strengthens our bond and allows us to overcome challenges. The road to growing our family has been difficult, but has strengthened our relationship with each other and God. Six members in our family were adopted, and we know this is our true calling and that we are destined to be a child’s forever family.

We are fortunate to live in sunny Florida. We love taking part in outdoor activities like kayaking our neighborhood canals, hiking, swimming, and spending time at our family beach condo. We enjoy getaway weekends to Disney World where we are annual pass-holders. We are excited to see the parks through our child’s eyes. Patrick is quite the grill master, and we enjoy spending time at home relaxing on the patio, playing with our dog and cheering on our favorite teams.

Our Family

We are fortunate that Kathryn’s immediate family lives in the area. We see each other regularly and love spending time as a family at the beach. We also vacation together and particularly love cruising.

The majority of Patrick’s family is in the New York area. We make the trip there several times per year and regularly welcome family escaping the snowy north. We’re excited that one of Patrick’s aunts and uncles recently moved to Florida, and look forward to seeing them often!

One of our favorite family traditions is decorating the Christmas tree. Every year Kathryn’s family gathers to decorate her parent’s tree with special ornaments. We look forward to adding ornaments with your child’s name.

Our Promise

We can promise your child unconditional love, safety, stability, a happy home, and opportunity. Your child will have the chance to pursue his or her passions with the support of two loving parents. We will provide a faith-based education with access to higher education.

As parents, we already look forward to trips to Disney World, Little League games, dance recitals, and family vacations. We will provide every opportunity we can for your child to experience the world and follow his or her dreams. If you’re comfortable, we would like to maintain contact through letters, pictures, and visits. To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.