Meet Patrick and Ashley

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Hello! We are Patrick & Ashley from NY. We are so excited and honored to be considered as prospective adoptive parents. We sincerely want to thank you for having the courage to consider adoption for your child. The choice you are making is likely one of the hardest of your life and what you are considering is the most generous of acts. We have always wanted to parent, and look forward to growing our family of two to three!

Patrick & I are looking forward to being parents! We hope to raise our child in a healthy and loving environment. We will be compassionate and full of grace. We realize adoption will have its own unique hurdles and detours but we look forward to this journey. We believe it is our responsibility to be role models for our children, and to nourish their hearts. We also plan to be proactive and attentive. Patrick and I hope to nurture a strong parenting bond with our child, so that he/she feels comfortable expressing their feelings and coming to us with questions, and so that we can better understand them. We will be proud, doting parents; eager to watch them grow and thrive! We cannot wait for all the laughs, giggles and goofy times we have with our child; playing until the sun goes down! Most importantly, we will provide unconditional love. Unconditional love is love without limits, and without fear of rejections. This child will always have a place to call home and loving arms to hold him/her.

It's hard to summarize our lives on a website, but we hope that this has given you a glimpse inside our lives, home, family, faith and community. It is our deepest hope that you share some of our passions and values, like kindness and love and spending quality time together away from the television, in a very stable household. We hope that you can picture your child thriving in our home, with our farm animals, and growing into a respectable and loving adult with a lust for life, shining God’s light wherever he/she goes. The miracle you are carrying has a purpose and God has a wonderful plan for you both! From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for considering us, and pray that you will find peace and comfort in whatever you decide to choose!