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From our hearts to yours....

💗We want you to know you matter to us. We want you to know that we honor whatever choice you make for your child. And if that decision is adoption, please know we are honored to be considered as a potential family who will raise and love your precious baby.

💗Adoption has always been part of our lives in some way. And we are so grateful for this because it only helps deepen the respect for expectant and birth moms/parents that we have.

💗I (Carolyn) feel so thankful to have a wonderful relationship with my birth mom and family as well as my birth dad. Although I did not meet them until I was an adult, I always knew I was loved.

💗And when we met our son’s birth mom, it felt as if it was meant to be. We always say we fell in love with her first. It was powerful for me (being adopted) and for us to see her unwavering love, her courage, and her sacrifice. She felt empowered about her decision to choose us and grew to know we had her back always.

💗What emerged out of our stories was family. We all get to be a part of each other’s lives and it is so special. Our hearts smile when we see our son and his birth mom laughing and playing together. It is a beautiful love.

💗Although we would love for you to be part of our family, we honor whatever level of communication you would like to have. We know emotions surrounding adoption are complex but know our hearts are for you.

💗One thing that we hope will come across is that we are real and genuine. We are not perfect and believe everyone is doing their best! We see our role as being loving and supportive, not judgmental.

💗I (Ryan) am a Psychologist and although Carolyn stays home with Luke, she is a marriage and family therapist by training. So although we are not perfect, we try our best to be loving to others and we enjoy helping people. We tend to be good listeners too😁

💗At the end of the day, we believe if our hearts are meant to connect... they will. You will never have to worry if your child is loved and adored by so many. (We both have big families and many great friends!) And they will always know how much you love them. Always.

Sending you much love,

Ryan and Carolyn