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It has always been our dream to be parents. When we learned that we would not be able to have children on our own, we knew we were destined for bigger things. With the support of close family and friends, we decided that growing our family through adoption was meant for us.

Your selfless choice to consider adoption for your baby humbles us. We can only imagine the feelings that are in your heart right now. If you’re reading this, we already have some things in common—the most important being that we want to give your child the best options for a promising future, allowing him or her to live, learn and grow in a loving environment.

It is important for you to know that, should you choose us, your baby will be entering quite a family – one with a caring, big-hearted mom who will be a fierce protector and provider for the baby; a sincere yet silly dad who will provide steadiness, humor and unmatched love; a welcoming neighborhood and community of friends who will be the village it takes to successfully raise a child; and a big extended family to love your child more than we can even put into words.

Please know that we do not make promises lightly and any promise that we make will be kept and honored. We promise that we will raise your child with the best of intentions and teach him or her that honesty is a priority and love for one another comes above all. We promise to honor your wishes and help to create the kind of relationships that you will be proud of. We also vow to always, always, always put the child first in our lives. The care that he or she will receive will be second to none. We promise to honor you as first mom – the beginning of the book of the child’s life – and make sure that he or she knows how much love surrounds them and how far that love extends beyond the walls of our home. We promise that you will always be a part of that story and love – however you choose that to be.