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Dear friend,

You must have so much on your heart and mind right now. You've been given an abundance of family profiles, each of us sending up our hope and happy faces. You look through profile after profile looking for "the one"--the family who will eventually take and hold onto your heart of hearts. This is hard, and we express our deepest gratitude to be considered as a potential home for your little one.

We believe that everyone is a child of a loving Heavenly Father and that families can be eternal. Somehow it's like we have always been waiting for this baby, we just didn't know how they would come into our arms. We want you to know that we aren't perfect, and we don't claim to know everything about being the perfect parents, but we are ready for another runny nose, another hand to hold, and another little one to laugh with and love. We are excited to learn with them as they discover their heritage and to help them keep it alive. We definitely live the simple life, but everything we have, we offer to this child. Thank you for including us and for taking a little time with our family.


Slade and Brianne

Dearest Baby,

We don't know each other yet, but we think that someday we will be the very best of friends. We promise, little one, to love and to teach you. We promise to listen and to kiss every owie. We promise to tell you stories and sing songs. We promise to hold your hand and to tuck you into bed. We promise to tell you about your brave birth parents and the journey that brought you to our family. We promise to say sorry when we make mistakes and to always help you do hard things. Please know that we are praying for you and your mama and that we love you very much.

With all of our love,

Slade and Brianne and your future siblings