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About Ariel

Hello there, I'm Ariel.

I've been fortunate to have a pretty good life, and to be able to share it with my partner Stacie.  I spend most of my time and energy helping out friends, family, and colleagues, and learning about whatever I'm curious with at the moment.  I've been been able to pursue both of these passions as a high school and college science teacher and as a biologist.  I really love learning about nature, and mentoring people on how to ask questions and think like a scientist.  Over the years I've been able to travel for work with my students in a variety of places ranging from Tokyo, to Boston, and islands off of the coast southern California.  The most rewarding part of all of this work is being a mentor to students and keeping in contact with them as they go on to university and or careers of their own.

To relax I love spending time with Stacie outdoors, whether it's staying at a local farm or scuba diving in Hawaii.  I'm also really into running and cooking, which probably balance each other out.  With Stacie, and a number of friends, I often host talks from artists and scientists at a local non-profit we're involved with.  Even though I don't think I have much in the way of artistic skills, I really enjoy connecting with people with very different perspective on the world.

Like Stacie, I've wanted to share our life with a child.  Now that we've become professionally and financially stable over the year we feel we are ready to help support a child to grow into their own happy and secure person.  We've talked a lot about how we plan on being parents, and building a supportive environment to help pay forward the opportunities we've had in our lives.  We all have our own paths, and we want to be there helping at least one more person on their path in this world.

Warmly yours,


A Note From Stacie

Ariel is phenomenal. He is a hard worker who is loved by his boss and his colleagues due to his positive attitude, his creativity, his productivity, and his sense of humor. He is outgoing and has built a wide network of professional friends at home and overseas with whom he collaborates with. Ariel is a scientist whose priority is to create opportunities for school-age youth to do their own science projects. Ariel especially enjoys the projects he has designed with high school students that combine studying nature outdoors along with time spent analyzing and modeling nature in the science lab. I am continually impressed with Ariel. He is currently getting his PhD, he has one year to go with this degree and has managed to get a full scholarship and even earn a good salary throughout. Right now he is additionally working with a local non-profit to quickly manufacture much needed medical ventilators.

Ariel’s confidence comes from his parents who, like us, met in college and bonded over a love of learning. Ariel’s family is incredibly close and loving, which has been great to become a part of. Ariel’s brother and sister-in-law have a two-year old daughter (Eva). Before I met Ariel, I did not foresee myself marrying anyone, but seeing how caring Ariel is with the various kids in our lives, has changed my mind about starting a family together with someone else.