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About Stacie

Hello, I am Stacie. I share a life with my partner Levi that is both comfortable and adventurous. I work hard at being a supportive, fun, and accepting daughter, sister, aunt, in-law, and teacher - I am a high school chemistry teacher. The teaching profession is wonderfully challenging and rewarding. I am dedicated to improving the care and the learning that my students experience. I am enthusiastic, energetic, and helpful.. both as a colleague and as a member the family. I love exploring the world, its cultures, and its natural wonders. Even at home, this drives me to regularly seek out new groups of people to get to know. As many summers as I can, I find work in another state or country. I look forward to sharing these adventures with adopted kids. Lately, summers have included working in a national lab, doing field studies in the Rocky Mountains, and visiting friends in Greece and in India. Levi and I enjoy visiting my parents often, and touring the farmlands around their home. Both at home and when traveling, I am athletic. I regularly swim, hike, ski, skate, and paddle my own canoe.

Until this year, I did not feel ready to start a family, but knew that when I was ready, I would adopt. Due to my love of exploring, I had shallow commitments to jobs or career.. I explored more than thirty different jobs! This decade, the situation has changed. I am devoted to my career (7th year at the job) and to my partner Levi (13th year together).

Levi and I make a formidable team. We want to adopt for two reasons. First, although I am a very healthy individual, I feel like my family's genetics are not something I want a child to inherit. Second, I feel that the two of us will provide a very safe and comfortable home for adopted children, and want to honor the wishes of a child's birth mother, as well as the child's uniqueness. We have discussed and agreed on many aspects of how to be good parents, but we know that a child will come with its own personality and needs and look forward learning how to support their unique development as a person, and helping them flourish, to thrive, to adore their world.

Warmly yours,


A Note From Ariel

Stacie is the most enthusiastic, energetic, and supportive person I know. She’s always willing to give anything a shot, and puts a lot of energy into motivating her students to do likewise. I’m always amazed by her endurance for canoe racing, and for life in general.

Stacie grew up in southern Oregon with an older brother and sister. After high school she moved to California and explored a number of different careers, ranging from banking to managing a restaurant. Stacie was then able to go to college where she became interested in teaching high school science - which is her career now. On top of all of these experiences she’s traveled to a number of places all over the world.

She provided childcare to her older sister’s kids, and also loves being an aunt to my brother’s daughter. With Stacie’s willingness to try anything out, and her love of teaching and being a mentor, she’ll be a great parent.