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Dear Expectant Parent,

We are Anna and Stephen. We are 31 and 32 years old and the mother and father to two sweet and loving daughters, Sophia (7) and Leala (5). Stephen works full time as a Security System Estimator and Designer. Other than my full-time job as mom, I homeschool our girls and as a licensed cosmetologist doing hair and makeup for weddings here and there throughout the year. Sophie and Leala are doing great in their studies, enjoy playing outside one their scooters and playing in our little “gym” setup in our garage during the winter months. We love serving our church through hosting community groups in our home and Stephen volunteers on the production team a couple Sundays a month. We use Jesus Christ as our role model and strive to follow these two greatest commandments: “Love God and Love people, for these are the two greatest commandments”. All of our hearts desire to grow our family. We would love to welcome this precious life into our family as our own, to love and cherish with everything in us.

Stephen and I met over 11 years ago at church and just celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. As a couple we love talking together and hosting family and friends in our home. We love spending time with our girls doing family outings including the zoo, museums, going to the beach, sledding and much more. This last summer we took a family trip to Glacier National Park and loved exploring the beauty of Montana. Stephen and I value our time together, with our girls and with our extended family, which is very large! Stephen is one of seven brothers and I am one of seven sister and two brothers. We have tons of nephews and nieces on both sides that our girls love playing with. All our parents and siblings live near us and we spend holidays, birthday and many other occasions together.

"Stephen in the eyes of Anna"

Stephen is a such a kind and patient man. He cares deeply for me, as his wife, and is such a good dad to our two daughters. He has a big heart and takes his role as husband and father seriously. He takes care of all of us very well by: working hard at his job to provide for our family (allowing me to stay home full time with our kiddos), fixing things around our home and working on our yard to make it enjoyable and beautiful for all of us. He has such a servant heart, helping friends and family when they are in need and serving several times a month at our church on the production team and weekly serving as a community group leader. He works patiently with our girls, taking time to let them help him fix things and teaches them step-by-step how to problem solve an issue. I feel so blessed to have him as my husband and the father to our children.

"Anna in the eyes of Stephen"

Anna is the most caring and loving person I know. She take care of our family selflessly, putting others needs before her own. As the mother to our two daughters, she makes sure they have lots of fun experiences and encourages opportunities to learn. She keeps our home running well and makes if a relaxing and comfortable environment for all. She is such a support to me and brings so much stability to our family, capable of anything life throws at her. Being her husband has been such an honor and I am blessed to have her as my wife and the mother to our children.

Stephen and I have always had a heart for adoption. Stephen was raised around several families who have adopted children and 4 of my siblings are adopted. We would love to provide a home that can be a good place for another child can grow into the healthy and strong individual they will become. Our hope is that we can nourish this child to grow to be a caring, intelligent and well-rounded adult who has the confidence to step out and help others and pursue their dreams to the fullest. If we were so lucky to welcome this little one into our family we promise to raise them with love, compassion and tender-care.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read a snippet of our lives and hearts. Thank you for considering us as the adoptive parent to this sweet baby. We are praying for you and baby.

Much love,

Anna and Stephen