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To you Dear Expectant Mother,

We are so honored that you have taken the time to get to know us. Our greatest hope is to provide a home full of love, laughter, and joy to your child. We are certain that God has a special little one in mind to join our family. As you read this profile, we hope you get a sense of who we are and the life we are so excited to share with your child. After 10 years of marriage, we have worked through our share of ups and downs together and are stronger because of it and ready to provide a strong foundation for a wonderful child. Sara is furiously loyal to those she loves. She strives to radiate joy and encourages people around her grow to be the best version of themselves. Sara grew up on a farm in southern Indiana and is always busy doing something. Sara currently works as a Project Manager at Brooks Life Sciences where she has worked for over nine years. When Sara isn’t working, she enjoys baking, gardening, reading, hiking, and being active in general. She also enjoys sharing gaming with Dan and has been playing tabletop games with him weekly as a way to destress and decompress from work. She has two older sisters, 3 nieces, and 3 nephews. The nieces and nephews often visit the farm and help out the grandparents with the general gardening and sweet corn harvest. Sara is looking forward to teaching your child how to get dirt covered hands in the garden and flour covered hands in the kitchen. She has a collection of recipes from her grandmother she cannot wait to share including a cherished hand-written Danish recipe that she makes every Christmas. Dan is a larger-than-life personality that loves with his whole heart. He is passionate in everything he does and his enthusiasm for life is infectious. Dan grew up in the country in northern Indiana and would often help his mom with her photography business and his dad with woodworking and mechanics. He currently works as at IT Help Specialist at the architectural firm of Browning Day where he has worked for nearly 4 years. Dan has a connection with adoption as he never new his biological father and was adopted by his step-dad when he was very young. His Grandfather and siblings on his mother’s side were also adopted. Dan enjoys cooking, woodworking, and playing both tabletop and video games. Dan also was in show choir and has been in several musical productions at our church. He loves to get into character and doing different voices and accents. He is excited to read bedtimes stories in a truly epic fashion. Dan’s love of cooking and gadgetry translates into some wonderful experimentation in the kitchen. He loves to watch Food Network and often successfully re-creates some of the things he sees (and even when he doesn’t succeed at appearance it generally still tastes very good). He loves sharing his knowledge of cooking and woodworking and looks forward to sharing what he has learned with your child. We met at a campus ministry at Purdue University in 2006. Then we moved to the Indianapolis area and were married in 2010. We bought our house in 2014. Sara has been working on making the garden beautiful and productive, and Dan has been filling the house with hand-made pieces from his woodworking shop (garage). Dan does most of the cooking, but Sara acts as both the sous chef and pastry chef. We spend a lot of time together in the kitchen making delicious and nutritious meals. One thing is certain, no child in our care will ever go hungry. We have a wonderful church community with which we are involved. Dan has cousins that live in the area and both of our families come to Indianapolis to visit often. We have friends and other people at our church who have also adopted and are really supportive of our decision and excited for us as we take the next step to growing our family. We also have 2 dogs and 2 cats. Our 8-year-old dachshund, Stormy, is the oldest pet and is a friendly and loving cuddle monster. Dante is a 6-year-old mix who like to wear t-shirts and sweaters and alerts the household of any and all possible intruders (even the ones we can’t see). The cats, Odin and Freya, are 2-3 years old. Odin is a large one-eyed beast who only allows affection on his own terms. Freya is a small purr-machine who is often found peaking out the windows of the house at passersby. As a couple we have several shared activities. We have a monthly scheduled Friday lunch date so that we take time away from our hectic workday to spend time together as a couple. We both like to read and ride bikes. There is an ice cream shop in between our house and our local library which is accessible by trails and is a perfect summer family activity along with several parks in the area. For several years we have participated in Extra Life which is a fundraiser for Riley Children’s hospital where people play video games, tabletop games, and role-playing games for 25 hours straight. Through this activity we have made a lot of friends who also enjoy a variety of gaming and we get together weekly at our local gaming store to play Dungeons and Dragons. We also share a love of science fiction and super hero books, audiobooks, movies and tv shows. We look forward to sharing our favorite books, movies, and games with your child whenever age appropriate. Thank you so much for getting to know more about us. We cannot image what you are going through, but we know you are striving to make the best decision for your child. Our hope is to provide a stable nurturing environment of unconditional love and encouragement for your child. We believe in a firm foundation of faith and teaching children important life skills to help them success into the future. Our prayers and love are with you and your child as you make this difficult decision. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and hope to hear from you soon. Peace, hope, and love be with you.

Sara and Dan