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Pregnant? Scared? We Are Here For You! Pregnancy Support From My Baby’s Family.

It can be scary to learn that you are pregnant! There are decisions to make, and you may have noticed that people have a lot of opinions about your pregnancy. You might be torn about what’s right for you? Should I have an abortion? Should I keep my baby? What about adoption? And how do I even find adoptive families?!?!

Every woman’s pregnancy is unique. And we know that you may not have the support you want or need. That’s why we exist. We are here for you! We support challenging pregnancies. MyBabysFamily was created for expectant mothers who want to know more about adoption as an option for their baby. There are certainly no easy choices, but in our experience adoption has proven to be a rewarding experience for many expecting moms, who are facing a challenging pregnancy or an unsupportive environment.

Pregnancy Resources: Our Adoptive Families Are Here For You And Your Baby.

Professional Adoption Help Is Available

You’re probably anxious, nervous, scared and confused! And this probably changes from moment to moment. One minute you feel like you know what you want for yourself and for the life growing inside of you. And the next you are overwhelmed with uncertainty, or questioning your desire to raise a child, or whether you are ready to be a mom. You want to do the right thing for your baby and yourself, but you may feel like you are facing these important decisions alone. Rest assured, you are not alone. We understand. We’re a safe resource for you as you consider adoption as an alternative to single parenthood, or even abortion.

A Safe Adoption Community

We are a safe adoption community. We’re not an adoption agency. We don’t receive compensation when an adoption is completed via the connections made on our site.

We are here to be a safe resource for you, and we are here to help you find a safe and loving family for your baby. We want to help you to have all of the information you need to consider your own parenting options before even considering an adoption plan. As a community we want you to be able to connect with and to see the families whose lives would be greatly changed for the better through adoption of your baby.

Check Out Our Adoptive Families

Our adoptive families come from all walks of life. Some are married, some are single, some have already adopted a child, others are seeking their first adoption. There are thousands of adoption profiles for you to find. Are you ready to meet some of our families?

Take all the time you need and come back as often as you like. We are constantly adding new adoptive families. Be sure to save your favorites.

How To Contact Our Adoptive Families

After spending some time with a few profiles you might feel ready to contact an adoptive family. That’s great! We want you to feel comfortable doing so and we’ve got a few recommendations to help make this the best experience possible.

There are a lot of heightened emotions during the adoption process on both sides. When connecting to our adoptive families , we strongly recommend that you work through their adoption advisors.

In fact, you may have noticed that you won’t find direct contact information for a family on their profile. When you press the “Connect” button on the family profile, your email goes to both the family and their adoption advisors. We ask that all communications with adoptive families go through their advisors until the advisors approve direct contact. This helps to make sure that our adoption community is safe for our expecting mothers and our adoptive families.

Adoption Advisors: Professional Adoption Help

As an adoption community that is built to support challenging pregnancies we want you (the expecting mom) to have as many resources as possible. We know that at some point you’ll need to contact an Adoption Advisor. Feel free to contact any of them directly.

Finally, you should also know that all of our adoptive families have adoption advisors and have been thoroughly vetted through their state’s mandated home study process.

Unsure About Adoption?

No problem. These important choices are yours to make, and they are by no means easy. Sometimes it helps to just focus on making the next right choice.

Next Right Choice

When facing important decisions, keep focused upon making the next right choice.

You Are Not Alone

The stakes are undeniably high. But remember, we are here for you, as are many others.

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