We Are Here For You

If you are an Expectant Mother or think you might be pregnant, we are here for you.

You may be a bit nervous...perhaps confused. We understand. While recognizing the value of the life growing within, you may be questioning your ability to properly parent a child.

You may also be feeling pressure from well-meaning friends and family, pushing and pulling you in many directions. You want to do the right thing...for your baby, yourself and for all of those impacted by the important decisions you are facing. But, you may feel like you are facing those decisions alone and struggling to make the next right choices.

We created MyBaby’sFamily for Expectant Mothers who may want to consider adoption as an option for their babies. There are no easy choices, but adoption has proven to be a good one for many who faced challenging pregnancy situations.

You need less pressure in your life, not more. Please try to relax as you consider what the future might look like for you and your baby should you choose the adoption option. We are not an adoption agency and receive no compensation whenever an adoption is completed via connections made on our site. We are here to help you find what is best for you and your baby. That includes helping you to thoroughly consider your own parenting options.

At some point, you will need to contact an adoption agency or attorney. You can find many listed on our site. Feel free to contact any of them directly whenever you are comfortable doing so. All our Adoptive Families have Adoption Advisors (agencies or attorneys) and have successfully completed Home Studies.

We strongly recommend that you work through our Adoptive Families’ Advisors. That is why you will not see any family contact information on their profiles. When you press the “Connect” button on the family profile, you will be prompted to send an email that goes to both the family and their Adoption Advisor. All communications with Adoptive Families should go through their Advisors until the Advisors approve direct contact.

Are you ready to meet some of our families? Take all the time you need and come back as often as you like. We are constantly adding new Adoptive Families. Be sure to track your favorites.

Not quite ready? No problem. These important choices are yours to make, but they are by no means easy. Sometimes it helps to just focus on making the next right choice.

Next Right Choice

When facing important decisions, keep focused upon making the next right choice.

You Are Not Alone

The stakes are undeniably high. But remember, we are here for you, as are many others.