Meet Stephanie and Zachary

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About Stephanie

Stephanie is the oldest of 3 children. As part of being the oldest, she has always felt a responsibility to help everyone around her. She grew up in a very close, tight-nit, Colombian family in Miami, Fl. She says being bi-lingual has been one of the best blessings in her life. Being able to be born in this great country while still being able to celebrate her heritage. She graduated from High School with some of the best standardized tests scores in her graduating class. After making the decision to move to Utah, She attended and graduated with and AA in public relations from Utah Valley University. While attending school, she met the love of her life, Zach. They got married a year from the day they met and she says it was one of the best decisions shes ever made.

She currently works as a freelance Makeup Artist. When she isn't working, shes taking care of their pets and the house. She also runs an amazing annual drive to collect hygiene products and bras for local women's shelters.

Steph's dream is similar to Zach's. She dreams of running their own farm (possibly an animal sanctuary) with her future big family. She loves the idea of teaching her future children responsibility and compassion for all living things.

A Note From Zachary

Stephanie has faced many trials in her life, and has always come out better from them. From her early childhood life in poverty with immigrant parents, to her adult struggles as a hopeful mother with limiting illnesses, she has mustered the patience to deal with life's unexpected twists and retain her compassion for those in need. She enjoys new experiences, and learning new things. We have enjoyed meeting new people, trying new foods, visiting natural history museums, and being in nature. She is loving, and accepting of people as they are, without trying to change them. She has always had a caring and maternal instinct, and so, a love of animals. She takes pride in how unique and fun our pets are, and is always snuggling them anytime they get close. No matter what happens to her in life, she was meant to be a mother, and would do an amazing job of it.