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Meet Stephanie and Zachary

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About Zachary

Zachary (Zach) is the youngest of 4. Contrary to Steph, he was definitely the baby of the family. However, being the youngest taught him an immense amount of compassion.He was born and raised in Memphis, TN to a big, loving family. Zach was home schooled by his amazingly, intelligent mother. Zach and Steph constantly compare their sources of education, and both agree Zach had the ability to learn far more. He went on a church mission when he turned 20 to Indianapolis, IN and lived there for 2 years. When he came back home, he decided to move to Utah to attend Utah Valley University where he later graduated with a Bachelor's in Finance and International Business. He met Steph while attending school and it was an amazing surprise to him.

He currently works as an Analyst for a large, global direct selling company. He loves his job and does an amazing job.

His goal is to be able to retire and live on a self sufficient farm with animals to raise and tons of vegetation. Zach loves to garden. He has an amazingly green thumb. In their current home, Zach had a huge garden with vegetables and fruits. His favorites are the concord grapes and sun chokes.

A Note From Stephanie

Zach is one of the most ambitious people I have ever met. If he has a goal in mind, he will always achieves it. To be this ambitious, he has to put in a lot of work. He is very hard working and dedicated to whatever the task may be. He is an amazing teacher. He still teaches me things today I have never heard of! He uses those skills to help me teach our Sunday school class. He is amazing with children. I pretty sure our 6 years old students like him more than they like me lol. He honestly is one of the most caring humans alive. He has always taken care of me regardless of how he may be feeling. Whether it has been nursing me back to health, or helping me get over our 2 miscarriages, he always puts his needs last. I know he will make the best father ever. He has every skill he needs and they come so naturally and instinctive to him. I know he has made my life amazingly better and I can't wait till he gets to do the same for our children.