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We are Brian and Lindsey and we know we are not the typical family you may see when looking through profiles! We are a Christian family, living our adventure by working in another country and experiencing friendships with people from all over the world! Our permanent residence in in Ft Worth, Texas but for now we are living in Southeast Asia. We do not just come with the love of a mom and dad but as a full and loving package of parents, a big, loving and fun brother and lots of related family and chosen family through our church. Living overseas, we have friends and co-workers of many different cultures and ethnicities and we feel like that gives us a very well-rounded view in parenting a child from another culture and background.

Raising kids overseas has so many advantages. Our son goes to a local preschool in the mornings, has friends of all different races and cultures, and can already speak the local language. We feel like giving him and our future child this view of the world and showing them how they can serve people is the best gift we can give as parents.

Thank you so much for reading this profile and considering our family. We are full of hope for this next phase when we become the parents of TWO precious kids! We are longing to complete our family and share all of the amazing memories that will follow. We welcome a conversation with you about your hopes for the future. Even though we live overseas for the time being, technology is so amazing in allowing us to keep in touch by messages, videos and all sorts of other ways with loves ones. We are also back in America 2-3 months every year so we are easy to be in touch with is that is wanted and desired!

If we are fortunate enough to be matched we plan to come back to America before the baby's birth and stay as long as is needed to get things finalized. We have lots of flexibility in our lives and jobs for this. Please know that you are in our prayers as you look through this profile. We hope it will be a window for you into our lives. We so look forward to getting to know you. Thank you for allowing us to share our vision of adoption and family.

God bless and keep you sweet friend

Lindsey, Brian and Carter