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Meet Lindsey and Brian

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About Lindsey

Lindsey grew up in Weatherford, Texas and went to Texas A&M University. She taught high school English and was a librarian for 6 years before getting married and having Carter. Since moving to Asia, Lindsey works at homeschooling Carter, cooking new things for her family and learning the local language!

Lindsey's top three favorite things: Reading, Cooking, Travel

A Note From Brian

Lindsey is amazing. She loves to read, learn and travel. It didn't take long after we started dating to realize that she would be a great wife and mom. Lindsey loves spending time together as a family and coming up with fun activities and outings for Carter. She was a teacher and librarian in America so eduction is important to her. One of her favorite things to do is spend time working with Carter and teaching him to read. Lindsey is always up for an adventure (like hiking a cloud forest in Nicaragua!) and she can't wait to share all our travels with another child. She is ready to be the mom of two!