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We can not comprehend the tough circumstances you must be in right now. We would love a continuing open relationship with you, so that you could have contact with the child you are holding, as you desire. We would continue to pray for you and would like to know how we could best pray for you.

You are special and you hold a special child. It is a great honor you bestow on someone to let them parent and mentor this child to be blessing to those around him or her. We would send this child to an excellent private Christian school near by. Our children will always know our unconditional love, and that we will always be available for them, and support them.

We want out children to have every opportunities to discover who they are, and what they want and choose extracurricular activities and and the occupation they prefer. We will be there to support them academically, and financially, and emotionally.

We have 5 cats and they are looking to love and play with children. We had fostered a baby, and toddler and a couple preschoolers and our cats were loving and snuggly to all of them.

We pray God's peace for you in this decision process, and throughout the pregnancy and beyond. We pray you reach God's potential for you, and that you have a full life, as well as your child.

Both our multicultural Christian family, and our biological family (which includes a number of adopted children) look forward to welcoming another child in our family! We look forward to being forever family to a child.


Paul & Miriam