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Meet Miriam and Paul

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About Our Family

We are Christians, who love to worship God and pray. We've been married 7 years. We've fostered several kids, but they've returned to family. We are a fun, outdoors-loving family. Today was a beautiful day for hiking. Yesterday was beautiful for disc golf.

Miriam is a school teacher, Sunday School teacher, and has been volunteering to work with children during the summer, and to help adults learn to read. She enjoyed taking foster kids ice skating, sledding, to the local science museum often and teaching them to swim. They also had weekly gymnastics and dance lesson. She looks forward to special time reading them a story at night, and then praying with them and blessing them before they go to bed each night.

Paul is a residential appraiser. He works from home and stays with the kids, while Miriam is at school. He can do much of his work from home. However, it home gets loud later in the afternoon, he may head to his office.

We have membership at the YMCA and were swimming there most days. For the moment, we work out at home.