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Meet Miriam and Paul

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About Miriam

Miriam is very active in sports. She runs, bikes, skis, swims. She love the mountains and the lakes. She is very active using her teaching gifts at school, church, and volunteers in the community.

She directed a children's home in Africa, and has fostered with her husband in California, and looks forward to being a forever mother and teaching our kids to read and write. She loves praying with them and tucking them in to bed, as much as wearing them out at the park during the day.

A Note From Paul

Miriam loves being with children and has more energy than them. She directed a children's home in Africa for several years. We have fostered several sibling sets of kids 0-4 and she was busy with activities with them from 6:30am-8pm. She'd take them to Bible study and church children's programs, to special events at museums and the public library. She taught them to swim at the YMCA. She'd took them sledding and boating and ice skating.

After supper, she bathed them and read and talked with them, and prayed with them and blessed them, and left them with gentle music to go to sleep.

The older girl had mentioned once about wanting to dance, so we signed both girls up for gymnastics and dance lessons. When it appeared that the older one had some focus (ADHD) problems, Miriam found herbal supplements that were efffective, instead of given her psych meds.