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Meet Alexis and Tom

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The journey of adoption is not an easy path but one that is filled with much thought, self reflection, honesty and most importantly love. We respect your decision and the love that you have for your child beyond words can express. No one can begin to imagine what you are going through at the current moment and we wouldn't even try. All we can do is try to provide the comfort and promise to be there forever and always for this beautiful child, should we be blessed with the opportunity to adopt him or her. (or them)

Tom and I love nothing more then to laugh together. Making memories through smiles and laughter is the best way to capture life, of course you also need to take selfies too along the way to reflect on the moments.

Adoption is a part of both of our personal histories, so we know what a blessing it truly is for a family. Therefore, we always knew that we wanted to make it a part of our journey to grow our family. Adoption is love.

We hope to grow our family and be able to share our adventures with a new addition. Our six your old daughter cant wait to be a big sister and babysit! Having another little one to join in on our evening family dance parties in the living room would definitely be a blast!