Meet Amanda and Derrick

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Even though we find it odd to try to market ourselves as parents over the internet, we are thankful for this opportunity to use technology to make the connection process easier. We are homestudy approved and are hoping to adopt a newborn, young child, or siblings. Our goal is to create a transparent and trusting relationship with expectant/birth parents. We genuinely can't wait to learn more about you!

What makes us unique? Amanda love all the Planet of the Apes movies. Derrick loves salad bars at restaurants. We help our friends shear their alpacas every spring. Our first vacation together was to Haiti. We watch Jeopardy together most days after work. We are debt-free besides our mortgage.

We are fortunate that we both have deep connections with family and friends who have supported us and continue to support us. We are lucky that we found each other and are the better for it. Like everyone, we both have our weaknesses, but our strengths really offset each other’s imperfections.

The main values that we hope to instill in our children are humility, honesty, and kindness. We strongly believe in leading by example.

We hope our profile gives you a good idea of our backgrounds, personalities, and what kind of parents we will be. We are open to either gender, any race, and any location (within the US). We’re very excited to add a child into our family!