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About Tracy

HI! My name is Tracy. I am 36 years old. I have 1 older sister and we were raised by 2 very hard working parents who took us to the beach and tried to let us experience all we could! I met my wonderful husband, Andy in college and we adopted a daughter 6 years ago! Andy and I work together, which can have its challenges, but we absolutely love working together and working with the boys in our care! I also do marketing, sales and education for an essential oils company - I love helping people learn about and use essential oils. I homeschool our daughter, Anna which is such a privilege - she is smart and likes to learn. We read lots of books together, repeat math facts, learn Spanish and talk about how we can be of help to others. I enjoy reading, doing puzzles, playing board games and watching movies.

I look forward to adopting another child because I have always wanted to have several kids! We have so enjoyed parenting Anna and cannot wait to see her as a big sister! I look forward to what the Lord has for our future!

A Note From Andy

Tracy and I have been married for 13 years and she is the wife I always dreamed of. She is beautiful, fun loving, compassionate, and a joy to be around. She loves the Lord and challenges those around her to grow in their walks with God. She is an incredible encourager to others. Watching her as a mother to Anna has been one of the greatest delights for me. She is a wonderful mother who is patient and kind, and who loves to play with and teach our little Annabug! She loves to teach, read, build puzzles, and play board games. Her only flaw is that God made her a Duke fan just to prove that no one is perfect; but don't fear, I will raise our children to be true Tar-heel fans!

Tracy and I have the privilege of working full time as Residential Childcare Workers with elementary aged children. This gives us the unique opportunity to work full time in the home and be full time parents. Tracy is truly amazing at her job and is an awesome parental figure and role model to the kids that we get to work with. Seeing the love that she has for children, especially Anna makes me love her all the more. I cannot wait to continue to grow our family with her through adoption!