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Dear Mama,

I am writing this letter to fill in any gaps as well as help you understand who we are as a family and what we are made of. I am Susanne aka mommy, Suz, baby, sis, Sister Sue, and as my oldest and dearest people call me…SuSu. I am narrating this family letter today.  I am 40 though seriously I rarely feel that old. I find this to be amazing considering where I could have ended up several times. As I heard someone say be glad your not reaching for that 6 foot ladder to take you under God’s green grass, I am.

I was eleven months old when diagnosed with diabetes, 27 years old when put on a plane to rehab, 28ish when I accepted the disease of alcoholism, 28ish when told I would almost definitely be blind sooner than later, oh wait I forgot somewhere in this time structure I was told I would never have biological children. I truly thank God for making me strong willed and never willing to take no for an answer. In the year of 28 years old so much happened with my life. I got sober, had visual issues, moved to Atlanta, reconnected with God and our Lord, Jesus. This same year I met my husband.

Marc, Marcus, babe, son, Marco, daddy, dad, well and many other names is 45. He to is sober. But by the grace of God we have never seen each other anything but sober. This fact is true for our son as well.

Soon after we met, he asked me out, I asked God to make me honest, I told him everything from sober living, loosing my vision, to no kids from me. He did not shy away. Marc said we can handle it all together through God. That first date we discussed adoption. We agreed that night we would want adoption as a part of our families history.

Now we have a biological child because I asked a lot of questions to a lot of doctors. We had Garrett, G-man, Baby G, Garrito, Magoo, or Monkey through IVF. He took on the first try. Now not to say all of that went perfect but we do have a perfectly healthy family. In the end I was told not to get pregnant again because it would be life threatening. We obeyed that calling but never forgot our life and hearts calling to adopt.

Several years later we believe we are at the right place in our lives. We are not rich in money. We get by very well and are still learning better ways to save and grow with income. We are not perfect, I believe only one being has mastered that title. All I know is we are the a family unit God has and continues to build. We have so much love, laughter, joy, and history to share with another human being, the one God has picked for us. We want so much to include another child to our family. We are ready, we are excited, anxious, nervous, overwhelmed with emotions never felt before. We are willing and able to give a special child their perfect forever home.


Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and consider us for the match for your child. We are truly grateful. We are definitely blessed.


Sincerely and truly,


Marc, Susanne, and Garrett