Meet Makayla and Brandon

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About Our Family

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read our story! We are Brandon and Makayla and we are from the great state of Wyoming! We live an adventurous life and enjoy our time spent outdoors with our fur babies, family, and friends. We chose adoption after a long and grueling battle of infertility. We came to a decision that it was not important for Makayla to become pregnant, but for both of us to become a family and become parents. It is our greatest hope and desire that we will some day be able to raise a child with all of the blessings that we were raised with. We live in a very small town that has so many activities for a child. We spend our down time riding horses, hunting, fishing, skiing, snowboarding and almost anything else you can think of outdoors. Our close friends and family have supported our journey from the beginning and can't wait to meet our future child! Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little bit, we can't wait to meet and learn more about you!