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Thank you for taking the time to read this and get to know our family a bit

better! Our hearts go out to you in this difficult situation you find yourselves

in. We hope that, above all, you ultimately find peace in your decision and the

best family to care for your precious baby.

We are the Robinsons. We are a loving, stable family made through adoption.

We adopted our daughter, Jane, in 2012 from Uganda when she was 2. She is

now an incredible 9 year old. She is very athletic and plays soccer, volleyball,

basketball, and softball. She is very excited to be a big sister! We adopted

our son, Dante, at birth. He was born in Kansas City. He is now a sweet,

playful 4 year old who is looking forward to being a big brother! Dante is also

athletic and smart and plays soccer, does karate and was going to start T-ball

before this pandemic.

We have a lot to offer a child. We have a beautiful home and live just outside

of Denver, which has a lot to offer families. We are very active and often go

hiking, biking and skiing. We have been married almost 10 years and are very

much in love! We get along really well and very rarely argue.

Sarah is a stay-at-home mom. She is outgoing and friendly, active and artistic.

Sarah has a bachelors in Literature from the University of Washington and

believes education is very important in life. She is also a published

photographer and loves to do yoga, go running, travel, read and spend time

with her family. She has always adored children and wanted to be a mom.

Kevin is an Aerospace Engineer. He is currently working on the NASA program

Orion, which is going to send people to the moon (and Mars) in a few years.

He loves his work but has great work/life balance and is always home by 5pm

for dinner and on weekends. Kevin is extremely athletic and loves to play and

watch sports. He plays football, baseball, ice hockey and volleyball. He loves

being a father and enjoys playing with kids, throwing balls in the backyard,

hockey in the basement and being a jungle gym for the kids.

We believe in open adoption. We are very close with both of our childrens’

first families and believe this is the best situation for children. We took our

daughter back to Uganda last year to visit her birth family. It was an incredible

experience! We hope to take all of our children again some day. Since our

son’s family lives in Kansas, we see them more often. He frequently video

chats with his birth mama and his other siblings. We drove there for a visit in

September and are planning for them to come visit this summer. We see them

as an extension of our family and love that our kids are growing up with so

many people who love them. We would love the opportunity to have an open

relationship with you, if that is something you are comfortable with.

We know you want what is best for this baby! If you decide we are the right

family for him or her, we promise we will love and protect them with everything we

have and give them every opportunity in life to be happy and successful. We

also promise you will not lose the baby. You can be part of his or her life as much as you

would like and we would love to welcome you into our family.

Thank you again for taking the time to get to know us! We would love the

opportunity to chat on the phone if you would like to know more or possibly

meet in person before the baby is born.

We wish you the best in this journey and again hope you find the family you are

looking for.

Lots of love,

Sarah and Kevin