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To A Loving Mother, We admire you so very much for your strength and the selfless love you have for your child to consider an adoption plan. We know whatever choice you make for your child will be made out of the deep love you have for your baby. We pray for you and your child everyday! We have five biological children and find deep purpose and joy in being their parents. As a parent, there are seasons of challenges, change, laughter, joy, and tears, but through it all, we embrace all stages with strength, encouragement, and endless love.

Our favorite family activities are traveling, camping, or simply sharing stories around the kitchen table during our evening meals. We would so love for your child to be a part of those memories, whether around a campfire or around the table. Our motto for our children is “Give them wings to fly, roots to come back to, and reasons to pursue what we taught them.” With Love, Dennis and Rose