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Dear Expectant Mom,

Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile. We admire your strength as you consider adoption. We know it is with a heart full of love that you are on this journey.

We have loved being parents. We promise to bring your child into our home with the same love we have for our biological children. We promise to be there for every moment, every dance or piano recital, and every baseball game or spelling bee. There will always be a cheering section excited to share all of life’s victories with your baby. Life can also be filled with heartbreak, and we promise to be there in those times as well. We promise to rock and sing to your baby when they are awake all night teething. We promise to kiss and wipe away tears for every scrapped knee. We promise to be there for any time their heart is broken. While we may not be able to fix everything, we promise that no matter the circumstance, we will be there with open arms and so much love.

We also promise to be there for you, however you want us or need us. We want to learn about your values, traditions, and culture and bring these into our home to make them part of ours. We want your baby to know you and be proud of where he or she came from. We promise to honor you. We are here for you.