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Meet Kelsey and Robert

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About Robert

Robert is fun and easygoing! He makes friends wherever he goes and makes everyone around him feel at ease! He is extremely hard working and dedicated to his job and family. He is the business operations manager at a local pharmacy. When he’s not working, he’s home teaching or playing with our kids.

He works hard to serve everyone around him and tries to create magic for someone every day. Wether that be paying for someone’s lunch, or mowing a neighbors lawn, he always tries to help whenever he can!

A Note From Kelsey

I ask myself all the time how I got lucky enough to be married to Robert. Everything I ever dreamed about in a spouse, he is x10!

Robert constantly finds the best in people. He always looks for the good! He works so hard not only at his job, but at home. The second he walks through the door, our kids run to him! He immediately jumps in to play, help with homework, help finish dinner, bath the kids, read stories, and put kids to bed. He is 100% involved in everything our kids do! He also continually asks me what I need or how he can help. He will do any job! Laundry, dishes, vacuuming... and doesn’t bat an eye! Smiling and so happy to help the entire time!

Oh boy, is this man funny! He can make anyone laugh! He has a million dad jokes up his sleeve! He makes even the most boring things better and finds some way to have us all giggling and smiling!

Robert serves people daily! He picked up extra jobs at Christmas to help buy gifts for families in need. He will write a check to pay someone’s rent and never think twice about the things he might need to go without to afford it. He will wake up early to do a neighbors yard work or shovel snow. He checks in on friends and family and is always so selfless!

I’m so grateful for Robert! He has made me a better person! I’m proud of the example he has set for our children and who they are becoming because of him. He has so much love to give, yet he makes me feel like I’m the most loved person ever. He makes sure we never go without. I’m blessed to have him and will never take him for granted!